From the recording Wine, Women and Song (Live)

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Wine, Women and Song

I’ve been alone here so many times
Thought I found love then but I was blind
It’s easy to get fooled now I could be wrong
won’t stop me trying
For I really love wine, women and song

With my first wife cheated all the time
Thought it was the right thing I was in my prime
It doesn’t make the man boy was I wrong
I kept on lying
For I really loved wine, women and song

Time has made me wiser to do the best thing
To treat my loves better not like a one night fling

Enjoy a drink and raise a glass and
Don’t you let the good times pass and
Do what you can to make it last

I’m here to tell you hope that you learn
From my mistakes now so you won’t get burn
Enjoy it all I won’t be wrong
Don’t stop trying
From really loving wine women, and song
Really, really loving wine women, and song

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