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EPISODES (unedited)

Episode 178: The Art Carter Band, electric guitar, electric bass, cajon/Savannah Rae, guitar/Joseph Harrison, guitar

Episode 177: Brian Eithiear & Carolyn Keyes, guitar, flute/ Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing tracks/ Tangerine Nova, backing tracks

Episode 176: Garrett Manning, guitar/Luigi Pineda, guitar/ Rohan Reid, electric bass, backing tracks

Episode 175: Dave Hillebrandt, guitar, backing tracks/Robert Bruce, guitar/Marcus Peeler, cajon, backing tracks

Episode 174: David Mander, guitar/Hard to Port, guitar, electric bass, mandolin, banjo/Xavier Keyz, backing tracks

Episode 173: Steve Tedesco & Tony Visconti, guitars/Logan Belle, guitar/' Chapel Hart, backing tracks

Episode 172: J.J. Smith, guitar/Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, backing tracks/Nicole Equerme, guitar

Episode 171: Kitchen Killaz, guitar/Glen Listort, saxophone, backing tracks, Justin Mason and Blue Night, guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin

Episode 170: Jaclyn Arnold, keyboard, backing tracks/ Mongo and Catherine Pederson, guitar/Rusty Cutlass Band ,guitar, concertina, mandolin

Episode 169: Matt Sams, electric guitar/Concrete and Country, electric guitar, electric bass, drums/Blind Luck, guitars, harmonica, backing tracks

Episode 168: Spring Special Spring Special! Presenting twelve great guest star encores performing a wonderful variety of rock, country, reggae, jazz, Latin, folk, bluegrass, blues

Episode 167: Joe Bryant & Mike Holloway, guitar, electric guitar/ The Art Carter Band, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, fiddle, mandolin/Nikki Peters, guitar

Episode 166: Steve Tedesco and Tony Visconti, guitars/Dale New, guitar/Trees of Life, ukulele, electric guitars, electric bass, djembe

Episode 165: Brian Eithniear & Carol Keyes, guitar, flute/ Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing tracks/ Bailey Marie encore, guitar

Episode 164: Dave Hillebrandt, guitar, backing tracks/Logan & Evonne Belle, guitar, bongos/ Lauren Carder Fox, guitar, loop pedal

Episode 163:  Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin, backing tracks/Captain Bill Read & Rich Koller guitar/Elizabeth Ward & Friends, guitars, electric bass, drums

Episode 162: Jaclyn Arnold, keyboard/Paul Heintzen & Antony Sculli, guitar/Blew Wayle, guitar, cahon

Episode 161***: J.J. Smith, guitar/ Gypsy encore, keyboard/ Matt Sams Band encore, electric guitar, drums, electric bass

Episode 160: Matt Sams, electric guitar/ Zelda Grey, guitar/ Dennie and the Jets encore, electric guitar, keyboard, backing tracks   no audio on live portions

Episode 159: David Mander, guitar/ Hard to Port, fiddle, guitar, electric bass, mandolin/ Theolodge, backing tracks

Episode 158: Sirena Alvarez, guitar/Mongo Peterson, guitar/The Art Carter Band, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, fiddle, synth

Episode 157: Kitchen Killaz, guitar/ Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing tracks, Rusty Cutlass, guitar, mandolin, concertina, bodram

Episode 156:  Bryant & Holloway, guitars/Concrete & Country, electric guitar, electric bass, guitar, drums/ Dave Hillebrandt, guitar, backing tracks

Episode 155:  Steve Tedesco, guitar/Coming Home, guitar/Pinto Psychs, drums, electric bass, guitar, pedal steel guitar

Episode 154: Logan Belle, guitar/ Brian Eithniear & Carolyn Keyes, guitar, flute/ The patrick Moreno Band, keyboard, drums, electric bass, electric guitar

Episode 153: Joe Byrant & Mike Holloway, guitars/Justin Mason and the Blue Night, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, upright bass/Dennie and the Jets, electric guitar, keyboards, backing tracks

Episode 152: Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, backing tracks/Bruce Coale & Friend, guitar/ The Skylarks, electric guitars, electric bass, drums

Episode 151: Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing tracks/Mongo & Christina Peterson, guitar/The Hot Tin Roof Band. drums, electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, electric bass

Episode 150: 150th Episode Holiday Special: The Cyclones, Logan Belle, Jimi Pappas, Elizabeth Ward, Randy Ryals, Kitchen Killaz, Justin Orlow, Catfish Dinner Band, Mike Lynch, Paul Vernon, and Gypsy and your host Bruce Andersen and the Cosmic Cowboy Revival.

Episode 149: Quinn Shaw, guitar, looping pedal/Captain Bill Read and Rich Koller, guitar, electric guitar/the Hard Drive Band, drums, electric bass, electric guitar

Episode 148: Big Ron Betts, guitar/Dale New and Marcus Peeler/guitar, cahon/The Chase Shellee Band, electric guitar, electric bass, saxophone, drums 

Episode 147: the Little Lazy band, electric guitar, drums/ Zelda Grey, guitar/The MyIntyre Celtic Band, guitar, fiddle, percussion , upright bass 

Episode 146: Night Bliss, electric guitar, keyboard, backing tracks/Mud Rooster, guitar/David Roberts and the Sounds of Sinatra, keyboard, upright bass

Episode 145: Wade Williams, guitar, fiddle/The Deadlanders, electric guitar, electric bass, drums/Fat City Band, guitar, electric bass

Episode 144: Garrett Manning, guitar, electric guitar/The Fog Band, electric guitar, electric upright bass, harmonica, guitar, drum machine/Kelly Jarrad, electric guitar     *

Episode 143: Billy Floyd of the Kitchen Killaz, guitar/ Jaclyn Arnold, keyboard, ukulele/ Brando McClure, guitar, loop pedal 

Episode 142: Coming Home, guitar/ Dave Hillebrandt, guitar, backing tracks/The Freightliners, mandolin, banjo, guitar, upright bass

Episode 141: Logan & Evonne Belle, guitar/Concrete & Cowboy Band, electric guitar, guitar, electric bass, electric drums/ Jeff Acconero, guitar

Episode 140: Zelda Gray, guitar/ Captain Bill Read, guitars/ The Bullet Dodgers encore, electric guitar, electric bass, drums

Episode 139:  Steve Tedesco, guitar/ Brian Eitniear and Carolyn Keyes, guitar, flute, drum tracks/ Rusty Cutlass Band, guitar, mantar, concertina

Episode 138: Boon Castle Media encores: Xavier Keyz, backing tracks/Sirena Alvarez, guitar/Ricky Horton, guitar

Episode 137: Blind Luck, guitars, harmonica, backing track/ Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing track/ POA Trio encore, keyboard, electric bass/ Jason Van Steenwyk, bouzouki

Episode 136:   Andy and Sara Burr, guitar, mandolin/Jeff Letourneau, guitar/Randy Ryals encore guitar

Episode 135:  The Art Carter Band, drums, electric guitar,s bass, synthesizer guitar, fiddle/ Igor Bulanov, guitar/ Justin Orlow encore, guitars

Episode 134 Big Ron Betts, guitar/ Big Tiki and the Mai Tais, ukuleles and washtub bass/Catfish Dinner, guitar, upright bass, pedal steel guitar,

Episode 133: Little Lazy Band, electric guitar, drums/ David Mander, guitar/ Jimi Pappas encore, guitar

Episode 132:  Matt Sams , electric guitar/ Mongo Peterson, guitar/The Cyclones encore, guitar, upright bass, mandolin, congas

Episode 131: Gypsy, keyboards/ Joe Bryant and Mike Holloway, guitars/Elizabeth Ward & Friends encore/guitars, bass

Episode 130:  The NYCE guys, backing tracks/ Signal 25, guitar, cajon/ Accidentally on Purpose encore, guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums     Audio Only

Episode 129: Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing tracks/ Dave Hillebrandt, guitar, backing tracks/Live and Kickin' On The Road presents Bailey Marie in Charoltte, North Carolina, guitar

Episode 128: Hard to Port, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, gut bucket/Kichen Killaz, guitars/Live 'n' Kickin' On The Road presents Matt Tucker in Rock Hill, North Carolina, guitar

Episode 127: Logan and Vonny Belle, guitar/ David Mander and Megan Stackpoole, guitar/ Little Lazy Band, electric guitar, drums

Episode 126:   Concrete and Country, electric guitars, bass, drums/ Coming Home, guitar/Live 'n' Kickin' On The Road presents Chapel Hart in New Orleans, Louisiana, vocals, backing tracks 

Episode 125: Brian Eithniear and Carolyn Keyes, guitar, flute, drum tracks/ Zelda Grey, guitar/Justin Mason and Blue Night encore, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass

Episode 124: Patrick Moreno and Golden Flower Band, electric guitar, bass, keyboards, drums/Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin/Live 'n' Kickin' On The Road presents Savannah Rae in Chattanooga, Tennessee, guitar

Episode 123: Igor Bulanov, guitar/ Mongo Wolf encore, guitar, etc./Diamond Dixie, guitar, banjo

Episode 122: Bobby Sanders and Forest Rodgers, guitars/Dale New, guitar/Live 'n' Kickin On the Road and KXCR presents Sydney Crasper in Florence, Oregon, guitar

 Episode 121: The Art Carter Band,  electric guitar, mandolin, bass, drums/Dean Daniels, guitar/Live 'n' Kickin' On The Road presents Joshua David Johnson in Sanford, North Carolina, guitar

Episode 120: Big Ron Betts, guitar/Jeff Letourneau, guitar/Bill Miller and the Freightliners, guitar, upright bass, banjo, mandolin 

Episode 119: Paul Heitzen and Anthony Sulli, guitar/ Nikki Peters, guitar/ Dennie and the Jets encore, electric guitar, keyboard, backing tracks

Episode: 118: Hard to Port, fiddle, bodhran, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo/ Garrett Manning, guitar/Gypsy encore, keyboards

Episode 117: Signal 25, (Marcus Peeler and Tim Phelps) guitar/Joe Byrant and Mike Hallaway, guitar, harmonica/Bern Brothers, banjo, guitar, accordion ,Irish flute, bohran

Episode 116: J.J. Smith, guitar/ The Rusty Cutlass Band, guitar, mandolin, concertina/ Lauren Carder Fox, guitar, looping pedal

Episode 115: Beartoe, guitar/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing tracks/ Andrew Rickman and the No Pressure Band, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, congas, drums

Episode 114: Mongo Peterson, guitar/David Mander, guitar/ Elizabeth Ward and Friends classic , guitars, electric bass, drums

Episode 113: Dave Hillebrandt, guitar, backing tracks/Zelda Grey, electric guitar/Touch of Grey classic, electric guitars, electric bass, keyboards, drums drums

Episode 112: Logan Belle, guitar/Coming Home, guitar/Hal Meyers and Jesse Allan Porter classic, banjo, guitar, fiddle

Episode 111: Bobby Sanders and Wes Dimpsoy, guitars/Shayne Rammler & Todd Crutchfeild, guitar, harmonica/Right on Key classic, acappella

Episode 110: The Kitchen Killaz, guitars/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, backing track/ Theolodge, backing track

Episode 109: The Matt Sams Band, electric guitar, electric bass, drums/Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin/Justin Orlow classic, guitar

Episode 108: Dennie and the Jets, keytar, electric guitar, backing tracks/ Jeff Letourneau, guitar/ Rohan Reid classic, electric bass, backing tracks

Episode 107: Gypsy classic, keyboard/ Ashley Picanza, keyboard, ukulele/ Tom Watkins classic, guitar

Episode 106: Garrett Manning, guitar/ Marcus Peeler, cajon and backing tracks/ Quinn Shaw classic, guitar

Episode 105: Hard to Port, electric guitar, guitar, flute, electric bass/Dale New and Marcus Peeler, guitar, cajon/Catfish Dinner, guitar, upright bass, pedal steel guitar

Episode 104: Zelda Grey, guitar/Shayne Rammler and Todd Crutchfield, guitar, harmonica/Fat City Band classic, guitat and upright bass

Episode 103: Jaclyn Arnold, keyboard, ukulele/J.J. Smith and Brian Eitniear, guitar, guitar/Trees of Life classic, guitar, ukulele, drums, bass

Episode 102: The Art Carter Band, drums, electric bass, lead guitar, electric guitar and synth, mandolin/ Kitchen Killiaz classic, guitars/Jimi Papas classic, guitar

Episode 101: Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar and backing tracks/ Dave Hillebrandt, guitar/David Roberts and the Sounds of Sinatra, piano, upright bass

Episode 100: The FOG Band, electric guitar, guitar, bass and harmonica/David Tanner, guitar/Mud Rooster classic, guitar, upright bass

Episode 99: Bobby Sanders, guitar/Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin, backing tracks/The Jupiter Club classic, guitar, fiddle,upright bass

Episode 98:  Thanksgiving Special with 11 guest star classics

Episode 97: Xavier Keys, backing tracks/Sirena Alvarez, guitar/Theolodge classic, backing tracks

Episode 96: David Mander, guitar/Dane Colber, guitar/classic Hard Drive band, drums, electric guitar, electric bass

Episode 95: Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar/Mongo Peterson,guitar/classic The Cyclones, guitar, upright bass, congas

Episode 94: Mountain Brew, guitar, mandolin, harmonica/Big Ron Betts, guitar/ Classic Chase Shellee Band, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone

Episode 93:  Captain Bill, guitar, bass/Pinto Psychs Band, pedal steel guitar, bass, drums/Classic Joseph Harrison, guitar

Episode 92: Bobby Sanders, guitar/David Mander, guitar/ classic Little Lazy Band, guitar, drums

Episode 91: The Art Carter Band, drums, bass, electric and acoustic  guitar, fiddle/Shayne Rammler, guitar, harmonica/ classic Kelly Jarrard, guitar

Episode 90:  Five by Five Trio, guitar, cajon/Garrett Manning Guitar/classic The Swamp Donkeys, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, sax, djembe

Episode 89: Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar/Creeky Reed Pipers, bagpipes, snare drum, bass drum/classic The Matt Sams Band, electric guitar, bass, drums

Episode 88: Elizabeth Ward, guitar/Steve Tedesco, guitar/classic Night Bliss. guitar, keys, percussion

Episode 87: Mongo Peterson, guitar/Dane Colbert, guitar/classic Accidentally on Purpose, drums, bass, guitars

Episode 86:  Trevor Griffin of the Occasionals, guitar/Chris Fannin, guitar

Episode 85: Big Ron Betts, guitar/Kitchen Killaz (E-76) guitars

Episode 84: Bobby Sanders and Forest Rodgers, guitars, mandolin/David Mander, guitar

Episode 83:  Michael Perrilli, guitar/Kilted Cowboy Keith. guitar

Episode 82: Touch of Grey, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/The Quilts, guitar, bass, drums 

 Episode 81: Bobby Sanders and Jeff DeHollander, guitars/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar

Episode 80: Nicole Equerme, guitar/Blew Wayle (Dale New and Marcus Peeler), guitar, cajon

Episode 79: Little Lazy Band, electric guitar, drums/Dave Hillebrandt, guitar

Episode 78: Big Tiki and the Mai Tais, gut bucket (wash tub), ukulele, tenor guitar/Jeff Letrourneau, guitar

Episode 77: Byrne Brothers, button accordion, banjo, bodhran, whistle, guitar/J. Lily, guitar

Episode 76: Kitchen Killaz, guitars/David Mander, guitar

Episode 75: Diamond Dixie, guitar, banjo/Dale New and Marcus Peeler, guitar, cajon

Episode 74: Hal Meyers and Jesse Allen Porter, banjo, guitar, fiddle/ Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, bass, banjo

Episode 73:  Ricky Melendy and the Milk Bandits, guitar, bass, cajon/ Marcus Peeler, cajon and backing tracks

Episode 72:  Dennie and the Jets, electric guitar, keytar/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, bass, backing tracks

Episode 71: J.J. Smith, guitar/McIntyre Celtic Band, fiddle, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, percussion

Episode 70: Tom Cooper, guitar/Dane Colbert, guitar

Episode 69: Hard to Port, guitar, fiddle, flute, bass/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, bass

Episode 68: Lauren Carder Fox, guitar, drum machine/ Coming Home, guitar

Episode 67: The Skylark Band, guitars, bass, drums/Luke Crescenzi, guitar

Episode 66: Logan Belle, guitar/ David Mander, guitar

 Episode 65: Theolodge, backing tracks/Rick Horton, guitar

Episode 64: Chase Shellee Band, guitar, bass, saxophone, drums/ Big Ron Betts: guitar

Episode 63: Sound Theory: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/ Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar, bass

Episode 62:  Mongo Wolf: guitars/ Richard Lynch: guitar/ Amanda Lyn: guitar

Episode 61: Steve Tedesco: guitar/ Gypsy Elise: keyboards

Episode 60:  Chris Fannin: guitar/ Right On Key: vocals  only

Episode 59: Randy Seedorf: guitar/ The Juniper Club: guitar, fiddle, upright bass 

 Episode 58: Hot Tin Roof Band: guitars, bass, drums/ Jeff Letourneau: guitars, bass

 Episode 57: Theolodge: backing tracks/ Lonnie Hardesty & Friends: guitar, bodram, psaltry and recorder

Episode 56: Lovacaine: backing tracks/ David Mander: guitar

 Episode 55: Dr. Paul: guitar/ KitchenKillaz: guitars

 Episode 54: J. Lilley: guitar/ Amanda Lyn: guitar

Episode 53: May Tatro: guitar/ Med.V.Sin: backing tracks

Episode 52: Patrick Moreno Band: keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums/Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar

 Episode 51: David Tanner: guitar/Calliope Trace: guitars

Episode 50: The Swamp Donkeys: guitar, bass, keyboards, sax, drums and djembe/ Brandon McClure: guitar

 Episode 49: Justin Mason and Blue Light: fiddle, guitar, madolin, banjo and upright bass/Kelly Jarrard: guitar and electric bass

Episode 48: Road Metal: guitar, bass, drums/Hard to Port: guitar, GT tenor banjo, fiddle and Irish Whistle

Episode 47: Dennie and the Jets: guitar and keytar/Big Ron Betts:  acoustic guitar

 Episode 46:  Rohan Reid: electric bass/ David Mander: Acoustic guitar

 Episode 45: Grave Return:  2 electric guitars, bass, drums/ Bullet Dodgers: electric guitar, bass, drums

Episode 44: The Trees of Life: ukulele, electric guitar bass, djembe, cajon/ Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar

Episode 43:  Joshua Keels: guitar/ David Mander: guitar

 Episode 42: 2AMature: electric guitar, bass, drums/ Hard Drive: electric guitar, bass, drums

Episode 41: 5TimesShag: electric guitar, bass, drums/David Mander: guitar

Episode 40:  Beartoe: guitar/ Alien Witch: guitar

Episode 39:  McIntyre Celtic Band: fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, upright bass, cajon/ Dane Colbert: guitar

 Episode 38:  David Roberts and the Sounds of Sinatra: keyboards, upright bass/ Ravon "Steely" Rhoden:  steel drums

502 Fallen Angel Radio Interview and songs from January - June Collection:

 Episode 37: Luke Crecenzi: guitar/ Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar

Episode 36:  Jonny Magill: guitar/Mud Rooster: guitar

Episode 35: The Deadlanders: 2 electric guitars, bass, drums/NightBliss: synth drums and Korg micro x synth machine, guitar, harmonica

Episode 34:  Fat City Band: Guitar and bass/ David Mander: Guitar

Episode 33: Carol Keck & Bruce Coale: harmonica, guitar/Dave Hillebrande: guitar

Episode 32: Jeff Accornero, guitar/ Andrew Rickman and the No Pressure Band: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, jimba

Episode 31: Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar / Joseph & Gabrielle Harrison: guitar

 Episode 30: Thomas Watkins: guitar/ Pompano Pete and the Fog Band: cigar box guitar, electric guitars, and upright electric bass.

Episode 29:  Tom & Mark: guitar/ Big Ron Betts: guitar

Episode 28: The Freightliners: guitar, upright bass, banjo and mandolin /Matt Sams Band: guitar, electric bass and drums

 Episode 27: Antony Leon: guitar, dobro/Raging Sun: guitar, keyboards, snare, bass, drums, cut short for unknown reasons at 8:40

Episode 26: Tom Cooper: solid body guitar/ Wade Williams: guitar, Greg Holt: Fiddle

January - June Collection:  12 songs from the first 25 episodes.

Episode 25: Quinn Shaw: guitar/Neil Young Tribute: guitar

 Episode 24: Logan Belle: guitar/ Amanda Lyn: guitar

Episode 23:  Randy Ryals: guitar/POA Trio: Piano and bass

Episode 22: Blazing Sands: guitar, cajon/Paul Vernon: guitar, 12 string guitar

Episode 21: Jimi Pappas: guitar/ Justin Orlow: guitar    

 Episode 20:  Catfish Dinner Band: guitar, upright bass, pedal steel/ Mongo Wolf: guitars

Episode 19:  Mike Lynch: guitar/ The Cyclones: guitar, upright bass, mandolin, congas

 Episode 18: Accidentally on Purpose: cocktail drums, electric guitar, 6 string bass, acoustic guitar, slide, harmonica/Elizabeth Ward and Danny Murphy: acoustic guitar and 6 string bass

Episode 17: Steve Tedesco: guitar/ Kitchen Killaz: guitars

 Episode 16: Gypsy Elise and Ryan: keyboard/Lonnie Hardesty  & Family: guitar, bodhran, psaltry and recorder

Episode 15: Elizabeth Ward: guitar, ukulele/Neil Young Tribute: guitar

 Episode 14: Amanda Lyn: guitar/ Chris Fannin: guitar

Episode 13: Mark Smith: guitar/ Shayne Rammler: guitar

 Episode 12: Dane Colbert: guitar/Neil Young Tribute: guitar

Episode 11: Bret Messer: guitar/Big Ron Betts:guitar

Episode 10: Justin McLeod: guitar/Celery City String Band: guitars, fiddles, banjo, mandolin, spoons

Episode 9: Hard to Port: guitar, GT tenor banjo, fiddle and Irish whistle

Episode 8: Run Raquel: guitar, drums/Trees of Life:  ukulele, bass, djembe, drums

Episode 7: Mud Rooster: upright bass & acoustic guitar/  Big Tiki and the Mai Tais: washtub bass and ukuleles

Episode 6: Bloody Jug Band, guitar, mandolin, washtub, cajon, floor tom, washboard, and jug

Episode 5: Bobby Sanders, acoustic guitar

Episode 4:  John Lazar, acoustic guitar/Frank Stagliano, acoustic guitar

Episode 3:  Joe &Katie Waller, acoustic guitar, fiddle and saw/Joanne Ritter

Episode 2:  Amy Robbins Trio, acoustic guitar, saxaphone, upright electric bass/Luis Garcia, acoustic guitar

Episode 1:  Bret Messer, Acoustic Guitar/Pompano Pete &Tom Collella, harmonica, cigar box guitar and acoustic guitar